desert INK


who are we?


Since 2015, this UAE-based Landscape Architecture studio have created some of the most exciting places in the region. Our commissions are diverse, but our approach is consistent, questioning the facts, turning each problem on its head and delighting our clients in the process. We know that every constraint represents an opportunity. From roof top pool hangouts and lush private residences, to sustainable eco-hotels, desert parks and urban plazas, desert INK’s regionally responsive view on design is consistently pioneering and environmentally sustainable. The recently completed urban park, ‘The Block’ in Dubai Design District is a testament to desert INK’s vision to create exciting places which enhance lives, setting out our clear intention to stand out from the crowd.


our services


It has been such a pleasure working with such a large, diverse set of companies. We like to create strong working relationships ensuring great projects every time.

Our experience working with the desert INK team has been extremely rewarding to date. This group of people enjoy their work, and it is well demonstrated in their enthusiasm and commitment to deliver something truly unique on each project. desert INK is not a design factory, offering a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to design, but a small team of like-minded individuals keen to buck the trend and reinvent landscape in the middle east region.
— Jason Burnside. Partner @ Godwin Austen Johnson
DAMAC have engaged desert INK on both AKOYA developments, to deliver dynamic and innovative landscape solutions to our sales centres. The team at desert INK are creative individuals, whose strength lies in their shared vision to think differently, approach things from a fresh angle, and try something new. At the same time, they remain grounded in reality and offer up practical solutions to achieve something unique.
— Matthew Empsall. Senior Manager @ Landscape, DAMAC
U+A Architects has recently entrusted Desert Ink the landscape services for our most prestigious projects in the Middle East. Our collaboration stems from the infallibly responsive and highly professional approach their talented and dynamic designers has given to every project. The care and attention not only grants their work with the highest level of quality, but raises confidence from our Architects and most of all our Clients. Moreover, in addition to their unparalleled creativity, Desert Ink’s technical expertise and local know-how proved to be the success and excellence of their work. Each of Desert Ink’s designs are well considered, appropriately integrated with the architecture and substantiated with an informed understanding of maintenance and cost.
— Martin Dufresne, Partner @ U+A
desert INK’s focus on value has impressed IFA from the start. Their design approach relies upon creativity rather than gimmicks and expensive finishes, which tends to differentiate them from their peers. Their innovative ‘outdoor rooms’ approach to the TH8 landscape created something genuinely different for our property and perfectly aligned with the brand values of the operator. We’re now partnering with desert INK for our next project, and we look forward to benefiting from their creative energy again.
— Antonia Castela. Vice President of Development @ IFA


Duncan Denley

     Managing Director, Duncan Denley

  • Chartered Landscape Architect with 18 Years Experience.
  • International projects in USA, Europe, Africa & Asia.
  • Duncan believes that intelligent design reduces environmental impact, slashes construction budgets and delivers innovative solutions.

     Desert Group CEO, Michael Mascarenhas

  • FCA, MBA & CIA
  • Alumnus of the Saïd Business School
  • Certified member at Hawkamah
  • Vast experience in retail, distribution, construciton, manufacturing, financial services among others.
  • Focus on increasing shareholder value through sustainable growth.


Desert Group is committed to enhancing and impacting lives. Our products and services provide numerous environmental, social, emotional, and physical benefits. We design, landscape, build and manage golf courses, provide above par excellence maintenance services, grow and supply biological assets and provide a range of services centered around water, green and sustainability.