desert INK



corporate hq


 “This headquarters campus landscape on the edge of Dubai’s desert fringe is focused on attaining LEED certification, while ensuring an attractive and contemporary setting. Utilising native and adapted planting and locally-sourced materials, this landscape perfectly embodies desert INK’s push for a new design language in the region.”

Size: 86,000 SQ/M. Client: Confidential. Lead Consultant: Dewan. Expected Completion Date: Q2 2021.

dawan plaza


“desert INK’s design for this boutique retail development in Saudi Arabia places the contemporary architecture within a series of plazas and dense tree groves. Driven by a desire to make the spaces comfortable and adaptable for a variety of events and dining, the ground plane is kept uncluttered and open, with grids of street trees penetrating through panels of paving. Employing structural soil systems to support the paved surface above un-compacted and extensive soil reserves ensures that these trees are provided with the conditions necessary to achieve the desired maturity and size, becoming the signature element of the project. ”

Size: 10'000 SQ/M. Client: BFS Architects. Completion Date: not yet known.



“Signature planted berms and innovative digital 3D stone cutting processes were employed in carving the intricate granite water feature at the heart of this landmark project. With a concept design from Martha Schwartz Associates, desert INK partnered with sister contracting company, Desert Landscape to deliver this Abu Dhabi landmark space.”

Size: 10'000 SQ/M. Client: Goettsch Partners. Completion Date: Q3 2013.

downtown design entrance garden 2017


“This unique commission saw desert INK transform a small courtyard entry to the annual design exhibition into an artistic fusion of plants and colour. Visitors entered the 4 day exhibition through a tangle of red ribbons mixed with berms of Mediterranean-style planting.”

Size: 600 SQ/M. Client: Downtown Design. Completion Date: Q4 2017.

shifting sands - downtown design 2018


“This unique installation, Shifting Sands, was created for Dubai’s Downtown Design exhibit and saw desert INK utilising interior plants and wood to create a living sculptural seating element. Inspired by the dramatic tide of cultivation that has swept across the Emirates in the last 30 years, Shifting Sands is composed of two dune-like forms partially engulfed by flowing vegetation. The first of the two dunes is lushly-planted with tropical species, representative of the luxuriant, green landscapes which have been favoured over the last 30 years. The second dune is planted with desert species, and points the way towards a more sustainable landscape for the future which is equally as attractive but also locally-relevant.”

Size: 120 SQ/M. Client: Downtown Design. Completion Date: Q4 2018.



 “This super-regional lifestyle mall landscape in Riyadh, KSA was divided into two halves. A formal entry landscape addresses the front of the mall, incorporating arrival and drop off, while the rear landscape is designed as linear park. An attraction in itself; desert INK designed the park to incorporate entertainment and revenue-earning attractions and adventure activities currently unavailable in the Kingdom.”

Size: 90,000 SQ/M. Client: Al Futtaim. Lead Architects: RTKL. Expected Completion Date: not yet known.



"Many companies can produce captivating renderings of what they plan to build, but desert INK like to take things a step further. As part of our ongoing research into more sustainable forms of landscape architecture, desert INK designed and built two gardens in our sister company’s nurseries at Wahat Al Sahra. The neighbouring gardens demonstrate the differences between the ‘standard’ approach adopted in the region, featuring tropical imported species, while the desert garden demonstrates a new, sustainable approach. As part of this study, construction costs, along with ongoing maintenance costs are being monitored."

Size:  120 SQ/M. Client: Wahat Al Sahra. Completion Date: Q4 2016.



 “The headquarters for this leading retail organisation incorporates a number of roof gardens and a ground floor drop-off and building entry. Incorporating a stunning series of water features at the ground level and a series of raised timber and grass platforms on upper levels, our team were able to retro-fit vegetation onto the flat architectural slab.”

Size: 5,300 SQ/M. Client: Landmark Group. Lead Architects: Archgroup. Completion Date: Q3 2016.



"Iran's largest mall, the TAT project is a  1,200,000 SQ/M retail and lifestyle development nestling at the foot of the Al Borz  mountain range on the Western fringe of Tehran city. desert INK are responsible for the landscape design of the mall extension, which includes 9 descending terraces programmed with outdoor dining, children's activities and public gardens, plus several public plazas at ground level."

Size: 38,500 SQ/M. Client: TAT Group. Lead Architects: U+A. Expected Completion Date: not yet known.