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masdar mixed use

Abu Dhabi, UAE

client: Confidential. lead consultant: Woodsbagot.

size: 12,705 sq/m.

date: not yet known.

developing the Revit model in close collaboration with the architectural and engineering team, desert INK have been able to resolve complex challenges involving provision of soil depths, universal accessibility, drainage and EVA access across this predominantly podium deck landscape. With sustainability at the core of the design process, desert INK have rigorously interrogated the evolving design to ensure each design decision is made with clear purpose. The formidable challenges of the project have catalysed the formation of landscape solutions which not only work, but actively add huge value and character to the development, such as extensive application of a native plant palette. The landscape design focuses upon providing functional spaces to those inhabiting it, while also generating a unique aesthetic to the development. "

Rendering by: Beauty and the Bit

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