desert INK



township masterplan


“Partnering with an award-winning UK-based architectural consultancy, this commission provided a concept masterplan with a 30 year construction delivery schedule. This innovative approach saw the creation of district ‘building blocks’ and guidelines which allow the development to be expanded in a cohesive manner according to market and population conditions. ”

Size: 9,000,000 SQ/M. Client: Confidential. Lead Architect: Confidential. Expected Completion Date: Not Yet Known



“desert INK’s design for this boutique retail development in Saudi Arabia places the contemporary architecture within a series of plazas and dense tree groves. Driven by a desire to make the spaces comfortable and adaptable for a variety of events and dining, the ground plane is kept uncluttered and open, with grids of street trees penetrating through panels of paving. Employing structural soil systems to support the paved surface above un-compacted and extensive soil reserves ensures that these trees are provided with the conditions necessary to achieve the desired maturity and size, becoming the signature element of the project. ”

Client: Confidential. Lead Architect: BFS Architects. Completion Date: not yet known.



“desert INK’s central park design forms the very heart of this new city district in Riyadh. The design celebrates the site’s existing wadi valleys while creating exciting attractions, facilities and spaces which serve to enhance the lives of the 200,000 inhabitants who will populate the new city district. Utilising site-found stone and many of the native plants already growing at the site, desert INK ensured that the landscape remains firmly rooted in the natural environment.”

Size: 618,223 SQ/M. Client: Confidential. Completion Date: Not yet known.