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sodic al yosr

cairo, egypt

size: 630,000 sq/m.

client: dewan, sodic

size: 630,000 sq/m.

date: not yet known.

desert INK’s landscape masterplanning for this 630,000m2 residential community in Cairo involved close collaboration with the architects to create a walkable, attractive environment. Residences were clustered around open spaces and convenient pedestrian links created to encourage residents to walk and cycle around the development rather than drive. The landscape spaces for each district include sporting, play and recreational facilities and are linked together with a network of footpaths. Landform has been extensively employed to improve privacy and add interest to the park spaces throughout, while a series of dry riverbeds serve to visually stitch the development together with a consistent language. desert INK were responsible for delivering the project from the initial landscape masterplan, through to concept and schematic design.

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