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arabian ranches 3

Dubai, UAE

client: U+A Architects

client: U+A Architects

Client Name

size: 2,000,000 sq/m.

under construction.

EMAAR’s third residential development of the Arabian Ranches brand consisting of 5,500 three and four bedroom townhomes set over a 2 million square metre plot is aimed at providing a pedestrian friendly environment which promotes healthy lifestyles. With more than a million square metres of landscape and public realm, this collaboration between desert INK, U+A architects and engineers WSP saw the team develop a building massing which allows for a permeable network of open spaces to connect through the entire site. Being involved from the outset of the master planning process enabled desert INK not only to ensure that open space was well provided for, but that it was inter-connected, promoting walkability and an outdoor lifestyle. Delivering through to inlay design has allowed the team to ensure that the quality of every space is maintained while performing well as part of a larger network. desert INK’s design responsibility encompassed the design of hundreds of spaces including numerous small and medium scale parks, streetscapes, boulevards, community centre's, parks and leisure activities in addition to the centerpiece central park at the heart of the project.

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