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private villa jumeirah

Dubai, UAE

client: confidential.

size : 2,330 sq/m.

completion on 2016

nestled in the heart of Jumeirah, this ultra-luxury residence is the first of many successful collaborations between desert INK and award-winning architect Viktor Udzenija. Using the architecture’s clean lines and refined palette of Travertine stone as a benchmark, desert INK ensured that this jaw-dropping residential landscape blended into a seamless composition with the architecture. The 30 m long, stoneclad pool is unquestionably the focus of the landscape. Graceful stepping pads and solid travertine copings with integrated cove lighting ensure that the pool is not just for swimming, but adds huge value as a serene water feature. The pool is set within platforms of clean travertine stone and crisp lawns, and features an overflow edge into a generous planting of lush, tropical species.

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