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city masterplan

Riyadh, KSA

lead architect: BENOY

lead architect: BENOY

Client Name

size: 2,480,000 sq/m.

date: not yet known.

desert INK were sought by a leading international architecture practice to partner on the delivery of this masterplan in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Spanning a number of spectacular wadi valleys, desert INK’s landscape masterplan sought to embrace the rocky terrain and water movement patterns of the site. Urban development areas were strategically located on flatter portions of the site, while the wadi ravines were allocated for public parks, hiking trails and landscaped terraces. Perched at the precipice of the steep wadi ravines, public buildings, including a transport hub, innovation museum and university created signature architectural moments of the scheme. A series of plazas were positioned in hanging valleys, with terraces and parks linked by an extensive network of pathways paying close attention to the existing site contours.

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